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Meet the Astrologer 

Heather Eland, MA

My interest in astrology first began several years ago after a relatively difficult time in my life. I was enrolled in a Master’s program in Clinical Psychology while working full time in a laboratory at the University of Chicago. I considered myself to be a very rational, level-headed person and was fully indoctrinated into the world of science and academia. During this time I went through a period of several months when everything in my life appeared to be going awry: my health, finances, relationships with close friends, my home and family situation— all of it seemed to be falling into disarray. Shortly after the chaos settled, I was visiting with a close friend of mine who, without knowing what I’d just been through, described to me a series of astrological transits that had recently occurred. Absolutely astonished by how accurately she was relating all that I had just experienced, I quickly became obsessed with the ancient science of astrology. 

Since that time, I haven’t stopped learning and I am incredibly grateful to all of the wonderful teachers and resources I’ve stumbled across throughout the years. My main teacher is Austin-based astrologer Robert Phoenix, from whom I've received 21+ weeks of private instruction. Robert’s guidance opened me up to a whole new realm of possibilities and profoundly deepened my understanding of astrology. To this day Robert remains a close friend and mentor to me and I am forever grateful for his skillful teaching and continued guidance.

My work is centered on Western Astrology, combining both traditional and modern techniques. During a reading with me, you can anticipate an in-depth look at your unique astrological blueprint through interpretation of the natal chart. All of my readings include the traditional and outer planets and aspects along with many of the “goddess” influences, asteroids and trans-Neptunian dwarf planets and planetoids. While I am primarily a Western astrologer, I incorporate many ancient & Vedic techniques for interpretation, particularly when examining the house system, lunar nodes and fixed stars.

Combining astrology with my psychology background, I use astrological interpretation as a tool for self-exploration and discovery. My approach melds practical knowledge with intuitive insight and offers a deep sense of relief, as re-discovering oneself through the natal chart provides the permission and guidance necessary to live as one's authentic self. Through exploring transits to the natal chart, it is possible to find order in seemingly chaotic life events by pairing a deeper meaning, purpose and context with difficult life experiences. 

Moving forward, my aim is to incorporate all of my past training and experience with my innate talents and intuitive gifts to craft an astrology-based coaching system geared toward empowering women and men who are feeling held back by past trauma and anxiety. I am also working to collaborate with a group of conscious, like-minded women to create workshops and retreats centered around deep inner work and self-exploration. In the future we also plan to offer heart-centered healing retreats to restore inner peace and provide support and nourishment on all levels— body, mind and spirit. 

If you have any questions or comments about my work, please feel free to contact me directly via email at heather@persephonereturns.com.


BA in Psychology specializing in Women & Gender Studies, Michigan State University; Lansing, MI
MA in Clinical Psychology, Roosevelt University; Chicago, IL
Registered Yoga Teacher (200 hour), Integrative Yoga Therapy; Austin, TX
Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy, Integrative Yoga Therapy; Austin, TX