Upcoming Events & Workshops

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Renew Moon, Austin TX 

Renew Moon is an evening retreat combining astrology, yoga, guided meditation, aromatherapy, bodywork and massage. During this four hour break from reality we will work on creating a focused intention to set a clear foundation for the coming lunar month. Various healing modalities will be combined to assist the body and mind in letting go in order to make space for exciting new possibilities. Renew moon is a beautiful, safe space and community for all who are looking to delve deeper into their own mind-body connection. To learn more about Renew Moon and to find out when and where our next retreat is scheduled, please follow the link below to our Facebook page.


Overcome Anxiety Clinic, Austin TX

The Overcome Anxiety Clinic is a specific program that has been designed and perfected over several years in collaboration with a wide variety of mental health and holistic health professionals. If you suffer from chronic or situational anxiety, this empowering workshop series is designed to provide you with the tools to heal yourself from the inside out, and reduce the effects of anxiety on your body and mind.