Lunar Insight Report

The Importance of Re-Connecting with the Lunar Cycle

In ancient times, our ancestors had a deep and profound understanding of our intimate connection to the cycles of nature and the cosmos. Our ancestors recognized the innate power of the natural rhythms of the Sun and Moon and tracked these cycles very closely, observing the physical, emotional and psychological effects of this mysterious cosmic dance between the two luminaries. They used these cycles to track time, to predict events and weather patterns, and to plan for the perfect time to travel, plant crops, hold ceremony, and give offerings to the gods, goddesses and Mother Earth. 

In modern times, through various means of control and suppression, we have been intentionally cut off from our connection with these potent natural cycles. The introduction of the Gregorian calendar, Daylight savings time, and the 40-hour work week have all contributed to our disconnect from that which is intimately connected to our human existence on this beautiful planet we call home. 

For women in particular, our connection to the cycles of the moon are particularly important. The moon represents the feminine, intuitive, receptive aspect of our inner being. The cycles of the moon are reflected through fluctuations in our emotions, energy levels, and even in our 28-day menstrual cycle. The lunar mysteries have long been associated with the woman, the goddess, and the ever-changing feminine. What I want is to give all women (and men) the opportunity to re-connect with the cycles of the lunar goddess and to experience her essence and energy as she moves through her cosmic dance with the Sun each lunar month. 

Find out what the lunar month has in store with a personalized Lunar Insight Report! This fully customized, 1-2 page written report will provide guidance and insight into the themes and influences of the lunar month(s) ahead. This is not a computer-generated report, the Lunar Insight Report is created just for you based on your own unique astrological signature by examining transits to your birth chart. 

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*Please note, this report describes the general influences of solar and lunar transits ONLY. For an in-depth look at your natal chart and major transits, please consider booking a one-on-one Natal Chart or In-Depth Transit Reading.

Benefits of Ordering a Lunar Insight Report:

  • Re-connect to your own unique relationship to the lunar cycle through detailed descriptions of how the energies of the moon’s transit through the signs.

  • Discover how the transits of the moon effect you on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.

  • Learn which days are best for planning celebrations, parties, romantic dates, to begin new projects, and to take time for quiet and contemplation.

  • Experience a deep sense of liberation as you begin to live your life in tune with the natural rhythms of the Moon and Sun. 

What information is needed to create the report?

After ordering your Lunar Insight Report, simply email Heather at with your exact birth date, time and location.
Please specify the month(s) for which you are requesting the report in the email subject line. 
*Please note: the calendar months may not line up perfectly with the lunar month. If there is a specific date range you are interested in, please include that information in your email.*