Astrocartography & Relocation Astrology Webinar

The Astrology of Place

Relocation & Astrocartography Webinar.png

LIVE Webinar: Saturday, September 15th at 1:00pm MST

Join Heather LIVE on Saturday, September 15th for an in-depth webinar all about Relocation Astrology! In this four hour course, we will get into everything you need to know to find the absolute BEST locations to vacation, live and thrive!

Register before September 15th to attend the webinar at a discounted rate of only $29! There will be a $10 increase in the price for the webinar after this time. The webinar will also be recorded, so no worries if you can’t attend live—you can still receive all of the information and the discount by reserving your place today! 

This webinar will cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time, and will include useful PDF handouts to refer back to, as well as plenty of examples and live Q&A! We’ll even go over example charts together throughout the lesson so that those who are interest can practice and receive feedback in real time!

Included in the webinar:

  • An in-depth overview of astrological indicators via transits and the solar return chart for timing of a long-distance move or travel.
  • Who is most likely to make a long-distance move, live in a foreign country, live a nomadic lifestyle or travel frequently for work or for leisure.
  • Indicators in the birth chart for WHERE you should live (e.g., near mountains, the ocean, in a big city, or a rural area) and what your home environment should look and feel like in order to help you thrive in your place of living.
  • A complete tutorial on how to generate an astrocartography map (using free software) and how to READ such a map. We’ll cover all of the planetary lines—the Sun through Pluto—and go really in-depth into the potential experiences associated with each planetary energy.
  • How to find the BEST planetary energy in your chart and HIGHLIGHT YOUR STRENGTHS through relocation! This is, in my opinion, the most important and useful application of relocation astrology!
  • How to read the relocated chart and pull it all together! I’ll give you tips and techniques for relocating to improve relationships, finances, career prospects AND MORE!

For this webinar, a basic understanding of astrology and your own personal planetary placements is certainly helpful, but not entirely necessary. If you need help sorting out your chart, please email me at at least 3 days prior to the webinar and I will send you a list of important placements and upcoming transits relevant to relocation in your personal chart (so you know what to listen for in the webinar) along with your birth chart drawing, astrocartography map, AND one relocated chart drawing for a location of your choosing. We will break down what to do with all of this during the webinar, and you are encouraged to reach out via email with questions afterward.